Demeter certified Biodynamic Olive Oil

Size: 500 mL

bio-harvest extra virgin olive oil

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Biodynamic agriculture is a form of organic farming, however it includes esoteric concepts drawn from the work of Rudolph Steiner; the first organic movement, treating soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as one harmonious interrelated system emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives. Similar to organic farming, emphasis is placed on the use of manures and compost, while excluding pesticides and chemicals in the soil and plants. Many biodynamic farmers are guided by the astrological sowing and planting calendars; planting when moon, sun, stars and planets align, as was used in ancient times.

Biodynamic farming also includes crop diversification and like other organic farming practices, chemical and pesticide avoidance, non-industrial farming, celestial and terrestrial influences on planting and harvesting. The primary objective of Biodynamic farming is to encourage healthy conditions for all life; soil, plant, animal, the quality of the crops and those consuming them. The farm is therefore treated as an organism, yielding only what it can sustain.

We are introducing our first ever Acropolis Organics Certified Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cultivated in accordance with the principles of Rudolph Steiner and the astrological planting cycles, this unique olive oil has all the benefits all of our Extra Virgin olive oils, but with a smaller yield and a stronger connection to the orchard from which it was produced. It has been certified Biodynamic by the Demeter association, the governing body for Biodynamic in the world. It is pure EVOO at its finest, one taste and you too will connect to the sun, stars, moon and earth.