EVOO with Fresh Lemons

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Size : 250mL

1. How is it made?

Organic lemons and olives are handpicked from their groves. They are then washed with fresh spring water. Next, the lemons and olives are milled together. No heat or chemicals are used during the extraction process; the oil is pure, cold-pressed and unrefined. All of this takes place within hours of harvesting the olives and the lemons to retain the optimum amount of nutrients. The result is a pure organic olive oil with a subtle lemon flavour that is sure to freshen up any dish.

2. Why does the consistency of the product vary from batch to batch?

This is an organic and 100% natural product. Hence, every batch of ingredients is slightly different due to weather and crop conditions, just like wine. This can lead to slight variations in each batch of the product, especially since we do not add any fillers, binders or preservatives.

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We use organic fertilizers (sheep manure, olive leaves and tree mulch) and remove weeds through mechanical means. They use chemicals and pesticides such as RoundUp to kill the weeds. RoundUp kills everything in the ground, including the friendly microorganisms that are important for the growth of the olive tree & the nutrition value of the olives.
Our ingredients are certified organic and locally sourced. They source their ingredients from various different farms and cannot guarantee organic content.
Our orchards consist of rolling hills. We have a limited harvest to ensure the highest quality. They mass produce in a linear fashion.
We handpick our olives and mandarins from our own estate. They use big mechanical tractors, which hit the trees, bruise the fruits and weaken the roots of the tree.
We use the best variety of olives (Koroneiki olives), which guarantees a pure olive oil bursting with maximum health benefits. You do not know how many varieties of olives are used and what their quality is prior to making the oil.
We use only pure olive oil in our products. They mix corn oil or canola oil with olive oil to reduce costs.
We do not have any hidden additives or fillers. They add beta-carotene to mask the flavor of the blended oils and/or add chlorophyll to mask the colour.
We mill olives with fresh mandarins. As the mill turns, the essential oils of mandarin mix with the olive oil. They add synthetic infusions, which mimic mandarin flavour.
Raw & free of gluten, dairy, nuts, Non-GMO ingredients. No guarantee if they are raw, or include gluten, dairy, nuts or Non-GMO ingredients.
We use dark glass bottles to ensure the oil is protected from light. They do not use dark glass bottles, which lets light in and destroys the nutritional content of the oil.
From harvesting to bottling the oil, everything is done on our family estate in Crete, Greece, to ensure the highest quality possible. Each step of the process takes place at different sites, different cities and different countries, which leads to problems with quality control.

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