Our Recipe for Perfection

Take the oldest olive groves in the world, Crete's unique white soil and a splash of year-round sunshine, hand-picked and organically grown olives, cold pressed and serve. Our recipe is simple, the results, delicious.


image Warmed Citrus Olives

This is a nice way to introduce olives to a dinner party, served warm, with cocktails. They are great at the family dinner table too.

image Shrimp Saganaki

If you find yourself screaming “Opa” while cooking, then you are probably making a saganaki dish, whether it is with cheese, shrimp or mussels.

image Grilled Halloumi

A vegetarian and gluten-free appetizer from a tasty, salty and squeaky cheese made in Cyprus from sheep’s and goat’s milk.


image Chicken with Orzo

A Greek classic. Chicken and orzo with fresh olive oil and tomatoes is Mediterranean comfort food at its best. An ideal Sunday night meal.

image Chicken with Lemon

The Cretan way of cooking chicken is simple and timeless. The right olive oil and fresh herbs infuse the meat with flavor while retaining its natural juices.


image Shrimp & Orzo

Serve this on its own for a light lunch, or add it to a buffet.  The shrimp have just a bit of a kick, just enough to keep you coming back for more.

image Fried Cod

Fried Cod is a very popular dish is Greece. Soak the fish in water to remove the excess salt, batter, and deep fry in olive oil until crispy golden brown.

image Legendary Greek Tuna

Fresh fish from the sea is a favorite of Cretans. This simple recipe will transport you to a beachfront restaurant in the south of Greece.


image Grilled Pork Chops

Greek-style grilling is pure and simple. This recipe can be used for pork chops or chicken year round. Marinate the meat overnight in the fresh olive oil mixture to enhance cooking.

image Baked Lamb with Olive Oil and Oregano

A staple of the Greek diet. Fresh olive oil and herbs are used to coat the lamb while it is baked to perfection. Add root vegetables and mini potatoes to the pan for a delicious and satisfying meal.


image Lemon Yogurt Loaf

Greek baking usually uses butter but this Lemon Yogurt Loaf uses Greek olive oil.  It is light and fluffy and the glaze has the perfect zing.


image Briami

In Greece, vegetables are cooked beautifully, and the secret is that they are cooked seasonally and with plenty of flavourful extra-virgin olive oil (a.k.a. Ladera).