Pauline's Marketing Internship

Pauline and part of the Acropolis Organics Team Pauline and the Acropolis Organics Banner

I spent five months in Toronto working for Acropolis Organics Corp. as a marketing intern.

This experience has allowed me to discover how a business works from the inside. I have utilized my skills by doing several tasks such as translation, trade shows, database update, marketing creativity, problems solving, logistics and much more.

I received a warm welcome in this company, and working in this environment made me grow professionally and personally. Acropolis Organics was a very unique company to work for. Working for a small company, I actually mattered. This was a good feeling in that everything I did was significant. Acropolis prides itself in being a family-run company and that is exactly what I experienced. My fellow co-workers took me under their wing and made me feel at home, well a Greek home.

When I came to Canada, I did not know anything about the olive oil industry. I learned so much about the products, how a real extra virgin olive oil is supposed to taste, how to promote the company’s products and how to cook with it. Now I know how Acropolis Organics olive oil is made, along with key differences between brands and even types of oils.

At the beginning I did not even like olive oil and now I use Acropolis Organics olive oil in my food everyday; for my salads, to cook my veggies or my meat.

Pauline F.