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We’ve mastered the perfect olive oil by honouring our craft for centuries. For generations, families have been trusting us with their health and home-cooking. We grow the olives and extract their oils in our family-owned and operated mill to ensure the optimal quality of our finished products, from tree to table. We welcome you to taste the difference that tradition makes. Our honour depends on it.


All of our products are made naturally, the traditional way, guaranteeing their purity and freshness. Each one has their own vibrant flavour and aroma that will enhance all of your recipes in a uniquely flavourful way.


Maximize your health with our products, made the purest, freshest and cleanest way possible. They will give you all the cancer-fighting, inflammation-reducing and immune-supportive antioxidants that your body needs.


Crete is home to the world’s oldest olive tree, and our village has been creating olive oil for millennia. All of our products are made the natural, traditional way without the industrial processes and conventional chemicals that are common in today’s food industry.

Our Products

Acropolis Organics EVOO is made from the finest, bioharvested Koroneiki olives, and never blended, for an authentic flavor that complements any dish.

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This ancient recipe is made from Romeiki grapes and is perfect over salads, meats, and vegetables. Use it in your favorite sauces and desserts for an irresistible taste.

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Handpicked from a family orchard in Argolida, Peloponnese, these sun-ripened and  scrumptious olives are a great addition to salads or as part of an antipasto platter.

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Made from Organic Greek Kalamata Olives and Acropolis Organics EVOO, you’ll love it over crackers or crusty, artisan bread, or even as a topping for pizza.

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Our kalamata and Greek olives are handpicked and naturally cured, without the use of preservatives. Go ahead! Eat them by the handful.

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Dispense the perfect amount of Olive Oil for all your on-the-go meals. Convenience at your fingertips!

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From the groves of the oldest olive tree​

Our olives are grown in the same groves as the world’s oldest olive tree, in the region of Kolymvari, Chania, Crete. For millennia, the Monumental Tree of Vouves has borne olives for the people of Crete to make nourishing oils with, and it still does to this day. The tree is estimated to be between 3000 and 5000 years old, and Cretans have been perfecting the process of turning olive drupes into the highest quality olive oils for 3500 years. We are honoured to carry on the legacy of our ancestors.

Crete’s history of making the world’s finest olive oils began 7000 years ago, when the great ancient civilization known as the Minoans learned how to domesticate wild olive trees. Since then, it became a staple crop and enabled the rise of more complex societies, as the advent of olive oil allowed them to build a sophisticated trade network throughout the Mediterranean, as well as between Egypt, Syria and Southwest Asia. The Minoans primarily traded olives and olive oil with these countries, allowing them to become a prosperous society rich in culture and wealth.

Bioharvesting: Respecting the Land and Its People

Bioharvest Agriculture is a holistic, chemical-free farming system that means we never use pesticides or industrial farming methods. We only use traditional ecological knowledge passed down for millennia to grow the best olives, nurtured by healthy, living soil and harvested by hand. Bioharvest methods allow olives of the highest quality to grow, resulting in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity and high levels of polyphenol antioxidants, ensuring their exquisite taste and making them healthier to cook with.

Today, we are living up to the legacy of our ancestors by continuing to respect the planet and its people with our bioharvesting farming methods. We use the knowledge passed down through our culture to work with the land that we are farming, instead of against it, like many industrial farming practices do. The olives can only be as healthy as the land, so we never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides which negatively affect their quality and nutrition.


The island of Crete is the ideal environment for growing olives, with its long, hot summers and cool winters. The island’s soil naturally has the nutrients necessary for growing the best olives, and there is enough rainfall to water our orchards without the need of any irrigation. We further enhance the quality of the soil by fertilizing it with sheep manure and mulch. Instead of poisons, we hang traps in an olive tree’s branches to protect it from insects, and the land is grateful. You can tell how healthy and happy our land is because of the green grass that grows beneath and between all of our trees, which will not happen on conventionally-farmed orchards.


We harvest the olives by hand, gently knocking the fruits, or “drupes”, loose from their branches and gathering them in a large net below. Later that same day, their oils will be extracted through cold-pressing techniques in our family-owned mill to ensure optimal nutrition and freshness. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils have very low acidity compared to others, and higher levels of antioxidants, because of the traditional and ecological methods that we use. We are honoured to take care of the land and its people by providing healthy, whole foods and feeding families for great value.

Bringing Health and Flavour to Your Family

For generations, families have been trusting us with their health and home-cooking. Our products will transform your meals into culinary masterpieces, and transform your health with their many nutritional properties. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple for the healthiest diet in the world, containing many cancer-fighting, inflammation-reducing and immune-supportive antioxidants that can enhance your life. Not only will you be adding antioxidants to your family’s diet, but amazing flavour, too. 

We make it easy to eat delicious, healthy whole foods with our fresh, natural and delectable products. All of our products are made without any chemicals, preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners. They taste the way that nature intended, in the best way possible. Our traditional and ecological farming practices ensure that all of the nutrients and flavour are preserved perfectly, so you can experience all the health and taste benefits that nature can offer.

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