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Acropolis Organics certification logos including certified organic, Non GMO, blant based, gluten free, Keto. sustainable Chemical-free farming of olive oil & vinegar products

Make Great Taste Your Tradition!

Every great meal begins with REAL ingredients. Chemical-free  olive oils.  Naturally aged vinegars. Our Bioharvest, traditional farming system is food made the old fashioned way. We believe it is the best way. 


From our family’s orchards in Crete, Greece to your family’s  kitchen table: Delicious is only a step away…


Don’t blame us if one serving is not enough! It never is. Whether you bake it, sear it, or fry it. You’ll LOVE it!


Our olives, vinegars, tapenades, and EVOO are all made using natural, traditional methods that are good for you and good tasting.


Greece’s island of Crete is home to the world’s oldest olive tree. It is in the same village as our family groves. Discover the rich legacy. We bring to you the (olive) fruit of our forefathers’ wisdom.   

Happy Customers Is Our Success

Kalamata Olives. Green Olives. Whole Olives. Sliced Olives. Eat Olives. For the Health of it!

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We believe clean is green. Olive green.


Tasty Selections

Acropolis Organics EVOO is made from the finest, Bioharvested Koroneiki olives, and never blended, for an authentic flavor that enhances any dish.

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This ancient recipe is made from Romeiki grapes and is perfect over salads, meats, and vegetables. Use it in your favorite sauces and desserts for an irresistible taste.

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Handpicked from a family orchard in Argolida, Peloponnese, these sun-ripened and  scrumptious olives are a great addition to salads or as part of an antipasto platter.

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Made from Organic Greek Kalamata olives and Acropolis Organics EVOO, you’ll love it over crackers or crusty, artisan bread, or even as a topping for pizza.

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Our Kalamata and Greek olives are handpicked and naturally cured, without the use of preservatives. Go ahead! Eat them by the handful.

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Dispense the perfect amount of Olive Oil for all your on-the-go meals. Convenience at your


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Home to the World’s Oldest Olive Tree

Acropolis Organics olives are grown in the same village as the world’s oldest olive tree, in the region of Kolymvari, Chania, Crete. For millennia, the monumental Tree of Vouves has produced the precious olive fruit for the people of Crete, and it still does to this day. The tree is estimated to be between 3000 and 5000 years old. Cretans have been perfecting the process of turning olive drupes into the highest quality olive oils for 3500 years.


We are honoured to carry on the legacy of our ancestors.  Acropolis Organics produces olive oil the Cretan way, bringing a little bit of history into your home, olive by olive.

Crete’s history of making the world’s finest olive oils began 7000 years ago when the ancient civilization known as The Minoans learned how to domesticate wild olive trees. The olive fruit soon became a staple crop. Its trade value enabled the rise of more complex societies that transported olive oil throughout the Mediterranean, as well as Egypt, Syria, and Southwest Asia.

The trade of olives and olive oil with these countries allowed The Minoans to become a prosperous society, rich in culture and material wealth.

Bioharvest Agriculture: Staying True to Our Roots

At Acropolis Organics, we believe that health is between us and the earth.


We are humble in our farming methods, and look to our ancestral roots for knowledge and inspiration: our Bioharvest agriculture is a holistic, chemical-free farming system that does not include pesticides or industrial farming methods which can negatively affect the quality of the olive fruit and nutrition.

We understand that the olive fruit can only be as healthy as the tree on which it grows; which, in turn, is only as healthy as the land that holds it.


We stay true to the traditional, ecological knowledge that has been passed  on from generation to generation to grow the best olives, nurtured by healthy, living soil and harvested by hand.


Acropolis Organics uses only Bioharvest olives to produce  Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has a low acidity level of 0.2 – 0.4, expressed as acid.


According to the International Olive Council, EVOO standards correspond to acidity levels of no more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams. Low acidity levels between 0.2 – 0.8 are  an indicator that the olive fruit has undergone less damage and is of high quality, offering nature’s most healthful benefits.

Acropolis Organics Family on Olive Mill

Natural Goodness: Olive by Olive

At Acropolis Organics, we harvest the olives by hand, gently knocking the fruits, or “drupes”, loose from their branches and gathering them in large nets spread out on the ground below. Later that same day, the olive oil  is extracted through cold-pressing techniques in our family-owned mill to ensure optimal nutrition and freshness.

We understand that taking care of the body means also taking care of the earth and the soil that grows our food.  Our Bioharvest, natural farming methods allow us to provide wholesome foods, from our family to yours.

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