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Our Founder

In his own words....

"I didn't choose the olive oil business. Olive oil chose me."

Panagiotis Tsiriotakis, the Founder of Acropolis Organics, understands that using artisanal farming methods is not simply about crafting great tasting, healthful foods. He views the practice of Bioharvest agriculture--a chemical-free farming system--as a way to save local communities and traditions. And as a way to save the planet. 

Acropolis Organics Fresh Organic Olives on the net

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in visiting this page. 

In 2004, when we started offering our first import of olive oil at a local farmer’s market, we set out to bring our family’s legacy of traditional farming practices from our orchards on the island of Crete, Greece to every loving home in North America.

From the beginning, we built our brand mission around good health for people and the planet. We offered organic food products even when buying organic was not popular. 

Organic agriculture reflects our values and our commitment to farming practices that are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. 

We believe eating organic means consuming healthful, healing, nutrient-dense foods that have not been stripped of vitamins but are full of antioxidants and polyphenols.  

Choosing organically grown food products also means supporting the health of the planet with an ecology that is naturally self-sustaining.

But we soon realized that the process for organic certification involves hidden costs: costs for accreditation, inspections, and committees. These costs are unavoidably transferred to the consumer.

We wanted to eliminate the administration costs of organic certification and introduced our Bioharvest EVOO as an alternative to our Organic EVOO.

We offered a chemical-free farming system without the expenses of the “organic” logo. For the health conscious and the environmentally conscious. For the people who may find it challenging to buy “organic”.

We understood that responsible food production means accessible, affordable food production. For every person, every household. For every family, and any budget.

Acropolis Organics is more than an olive oil brand; it is a family.  I remember my grandfather waking me up at the crack of dawn every morning to accompany him to the olive harvest. 

My grandfather taught me the value of hard work. He taught how to create farming conditions that respect the land, and the people, that grow our food.

Acropolis Organics Founder with Grandfather next to Olive Tree

Panagiotis with Grandfather Andreas


Our mission is simple: to deliver authentic food products that help build a cleaner, greener world. So that you can feel good about the food you bring to your table.

I am grateful to the incredible, hard-working teams that make up the Acropolis Organics family.  I am grateful for the tireless commitment that drives us to continually redefine what it means to eat well and live well.

Most of all, I am grateful to you, dear friend, for your support and commitment to making a better, greener world for all of us: olive by olive.

To Your Good Health, 


Panagiotis, Founder & CEO

The O-Live Busy-Ness

The O-live Busy-ness

Acropolis Organics_Casting the nets for harvest
Casting the nets for harvest
To the mill...
Another day, another olive
Bottles are ready...
O-Live Tree

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