Acropolis Organics

Our Story

We are good people committed to providing wholesome products that are good for you. We are founded on the belief that there are no shortcuts to great taste and healthful ingredients.

Using traditional, ecological methods passed down from generation to generation, we oversee every aspect of production—from farming to olive milling to bottling and exports. We take pride in ensuring that pure and sustainably sourced ingredients, grown in our family’s estates, in Crete, Greece, are made available to families such as yours.

Our honest pricing reflects the labour-intensive nature of our products. We operate under the premise that our audience—the informed, discriminate, health-conscious consumer— understands the true value of our efforts.

We started exporting our products in 2004. We started with one product in one farmer’s market in Toronto, and now have more than 25 products available at retailers across Canada.

Our list of products is continually growing, but our methods remain the same. Everything we produce is of premium quality, following the strictest international standards, as well as our own, rigorous internal procedures.

We produce authentic products for authentic living. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Join us at our next Great Taste Expo. We would love to hear from you!

Acropolis Organics Olive Tree
Acropolis Organics Olive Tree Field
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