Acropolis Organics

Albina Sushko

Support Staff

An avid foodie and business marketing student at George Brown College, Albina is the newest member of our team.  

She loves to keep busy and lives by the rule:  “If something needs to get done, then it will be done.”  You can find her listing to upbeat music regularly and is always saying “yes” to new opportunities, especially if it comes to learning more about marking and sales.  

A very cool fact about Albina is that she speaks three languages fluently:  English, Russian, Ukrainian, and is learning Spanish currently.

She adores cats and has two of them named Fanya and Tima.   Fanya is a female Siberian cat and Tima is a British chinchilla.  Her love for Acropolis Organics products shines through during her in store presentations.  Drop by a store near you to see Albina and learn more about our products.

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