Acropolis Organics

Yes, olives are a great source of heart healthy fats and are suitable for a variety of diets.


If  sodium is a concern, simply soak the olives in water for at least half an hour,  drain them and reintroduce them into the jar or container. Add a layer of olive oil to maintain freshness.


Acropolis Organics Kalamata and Blonde Organic Olives are naturally fermented, without preservatives, in a brine if sea salt and vinegar. They are a keto-friendly probiotic superfood that helps build digestive health and immunity.


Acropolis Organics Organic Olives have a final salinity  level  of two percent (2 %)  rather than the four percent (4 %)  that is generally found in other brands.  Enjoy them by the handful!



A jar of Organic Olives by Acropolis Organics with the poster caption: Real Food for the Pantry. Naturally. Make Great Taste Your Tradition!

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