Acropolis Organics

Each bottle states the extensive chemical analysis done on the oil as well as the Protected Designation of Origin symbol, which means that each bottle can be traced back to where it came from. As well, you will notice a fresh grassy fragrance and finished with peppery notes, which is another indication of an authentic EVOO.

Acropolis Organics goes to great lengths to preserve the mono-cultivar value of our oil. Our olive oil is from one estate, one mill, and from one variety of olives, the “Koroneiki” variety also known as the king of olives.

Our olive oil is never blended with other oils or with chlorophyll to artificially enhance its colour or beta-carotene to mask the flavour of the blended oils. This singular approach ensures that our customers are getting pure, genuine, fresh olive oil from a reliable source and from a limited harvest.

Our mill is located on our estate and operated by us. Once the olives are picked they are brought to the mill right away.

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