Acropolis Organics

The olives used to make the Certified Organic EVOO come from tress that are located on the highest hilltop of our estate, right next to the Mediterranean Sea. This means that the salty air from the sea, combined with the sunlight that the island receives all year long and the rich soil, make a stronger and smoother tasting olive oil that is sure to please the palate of olive oil aficionados everywhere.

The Bio-Harvest EVOO has not been certified organic, however we do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our Bio-Harvest crop either. The flavour is more subtle than the Certified Organic EVOO and is a better value since it has not been certified organic.

Both our Bio-Harvest and Certified Organic EVOOs are certified kosher, raw, cold-pressed, handpicked, and only made from the Koroneiki variety, also known as the king of olives.

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