Acropolis Organics

Our Organic Olives are traditionally cured in a brine of sea salt, local spring water, and organic vinegar, without the use of chemicals or preservatives. They are a a fermented (super) food that is keto-friendly and vegan.


As our Organic Olives continue to ferment, the mixture of lactic yeast and good bacteria, referred to as the Mother, forms a harmless film on the olives when the vinegar in the brine mixes with oxygen (oxidation).


It is NOT mould.  Simply remove the milky substance with a spoon or spill it out and the olives are perfect for consumption. 


The “Mother” consists of dozens of strains of good bacteria, the probiotics that keep your digestive and immune system running smoothly.


Our Organic Olives & Organic Tapenades are:


  • Free of chemicals or pesticides
  • Free of caustic sodas or dyes
  •  100% Organic

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