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Why This Weight Loss Specialist Recommends Acropolis Organics’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Achieve Your Health Goals


As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who specializes in weight loss, Maya Eid believes that we can achieve a healthier mind and body with real world, back-to-basics nutrition. And according to Maya, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient to any well-balanced diet. 

“As a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in sustainable weight loss, I am always on the lookout for the highest quality fats to consume in my diet and to recommend to my clients to help them with their health goals.” 

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Important For Weight Loss

According to Maya, “For so long we have feared that consuming fat will lead to weight gain, and so much research has shown that this is so far from the truth. We need fat in our diet. Healthy fats like olive oil are a great energy source and keeps you feeling full since fat is the last macronutrient to be digested in the body.” 

Healthy fats are not only an important part of achieving your weight loss goals. Nutrient-rich healthy fats like Acropolis Organics’ cold-pressed, sustainably-grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil are an essential part of all of your body’s life-sustaining functions.

“Fats transport vitamins and minerals throughout the body, boost immunity, send signals to our glands to produce hormones and regulate healthy brain function,” says Maya. In other words, olive oil is the vehicle that sends nutrients to your cells.

However, like Maya, every holistic nutritionist knows that not all Olive Oils are the same. 

When it comes to finding the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “the only brand [Maya Eid] turns to is Acropolis Organics”. 

Why Acropolis Organics Is The Only Olive Oil Brand This Holistic Nutritionist Trusts

Like others in her field, Maya knows when it comes to preserving key nutrients which are crucial to our health benefits, Acropolis Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best. That’s because Acropolis Organics takes every precaution possible to ensure the phytonutrients found in their hand-picked olives are preserved, from seed, to soil, to bottle. 

“The only brand I turn to for quality olive oil is Acropolis Organics. It’s important to me that I am consuming sustainably harvested and ecologically grown olive oil like Acropolis Organics’ products, since pesticides and other toxins found in conventionally farmed olive oil are fat soluble and wind up being stored in our bodies.” 

According to Maya, and many scientists, pesticides accumulate in our bodies causing “various symptoms like lethargy, brain fog, skin issues and hormonal imbalances, to name a few”.  In addition, pesticides and chemical fertilizers can cause harm to ecosystems, encouraging industrial farming methods that further degrade soil quality, degrading the source of an olive’s nutrients. 

How Acropolis Organics Ensures The Quality Of It’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Acropolis Organics, we use only traditional farming practices that respect and nourish the Earth, just like our Extra Virgin Olive Oil respects and nourishes our bodies. No pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or any other oils are used in the production of Acropolis Organics’ cold-pressed, 100% authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

You can trust the purity of Acropolis Organics’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil in more ways than one, just like Maya: “I can always count on Acropolis Organics for having the highest amount of antioxidants in their crop as well as only the purest form of olive oil, not blended with anything else!” You’d be shocked at how often bottles labelled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” are actually blended with far less healthy vegetable oils, like palm or canola oil. 

Lastly, Maya notes that “It’s also important to buy olive oil in dark glass bottles in order to ensure freshness and prevent oxidation that can cause inflammation in the body”. So, Acropolis Organics’ Olive Oils are packaged in bottles that transmit as little light as possible, further ensuring the preservation of this Superfood diet staple.

As a family-owned and operated small business born by the Mediterranean Sea, Acropolis Organics has continued the noble tradition of olive cultivation for generations, and it shows. That’s how Maya knows it, too: “Coming from Mediterranean descent and growing up on the famous Mediterranean diet, Acropolis Organics meets my standards of quality and premium flavour!”

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