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Why Toronto’s Top Holistic Nutritionist Says She Only Uses Acropolis Organics’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Natalie Prhat knows good food, and Acropolis Organics’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of her favourites. She’s a prominent plant-based menu developer, food consultant and holistic nutritionist in Toronto’s world class food scene, having worked with global brands like Iberostar Resort and of course, Acropolis Organics.

“Olive oil is perhaps one of my favourite garnishes…Actually, I should clarify. Acropolis Organics Olive Oil is my favourite garnish. It’s simple. When quality meets flavour, you’ve got a stamp of approval from me.”

Natalie is so passionate about Extra Virgin Olive Oil because she knows the right kind can be a “powerhouse of goodness”. As a Holistic Nutritionist, it’s her job to advocate for health and wellness. That’s why ensuring she has a serving of Acropolis Organics’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil every day is a part of her “daily RX to keep the doctor away”.

According to Natalie, as well as food scientists all over the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil “reduces oxidative stress throughout the body, aids in weight loss, can improve bone mineralization, helps regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and so much more.”

Here are Natalie’s top tips for choosing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Pay Attention To The Bottle

Light exposure affects the integrity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The darker the bottle, the more likely it is to be protected from sun and light damage. While this can be a good indicator of a higher quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s definitely not the only factor you should consider.

Read The Label

Other important factors you should keep in mind are: the name of the estate, grade classification, country of origin, and it’s seal of authenticity. Labels on real Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles will tell you exactly where they are produced—the specific province, city, and village, not just the country.

The bottle should expressly state which olive variety it is made from, otherwise you are just getting a generic blend of vegetable oils, and miss out on all the health benefits.

A reputable company has nothing to hide. They want you to know all the details—they are open and proud of their product, from how they grow the olives, to how they bottle it. Unfortunately, the majority of Olive Oil producers are not selling authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It’s a fact that 80-90% of Extra Virgin Olive Oils on the market are not authentic.

That’s why Acropolis Organics is proud to offer 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil at a competitive price, made only from Koroneiki olives, grown on one estate in Crete, Greece, and cold-pressed in one mill. This is the only way to ensure the preservation of its plentiful, life-giving nutrients.

Invest In Real Food

If you see an Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the shelf that costs the same price as a large latte, there is something wrong. Do not compromise quality for cost when it comes to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you want to preserve the nutrients and reap the many health benefits that Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides, you need to invest in a company that can prove its authenticity.

That’s why Natalie loves Acropolis Organics: “After doing this research, I exclusively use Acropolis Organics olive oil. Not only do they check every box, they really do produce the best tasting olive oil I have ever tried.”

Learn more about what makes Acropolis Organics a world class cultivator and producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil here, and follow us at @AcropolisOrganics.

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